Stainless steel for hotels or holiday homes

Plaque inox pour hotel résidence de vacances

Why using stainless steel in hotels ?

Stainless steel is a widely used material for hotels and holiday homes. Resistant, aesthetic, it decorates and protects your doors and walls. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, it is also food-compatible and can be used in the kitchens or cafeteria of your establishments.

For your hotel, holiday residence, or your lodge

Discover the maPlaqueinox products adapted to your hotel business:

plaque de propreté bas de porte

Kicking plate

Stainless steel door kick plates protect the doors from being kicked and are used for high traffic areas. Ideal for passageways in the kitchen of restaurants or toilets.

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hotel plaque de poussée

Push plate/finger plate

Stainless steel door push plates are used on all types of doors to protect the door from fingerprints when opening the door. Of various shapes, rectangular or curved, the push plates are both aesthetic and practical.

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plaque signalétique

Signage plate - pictogram

Indicate the places of life, information of your hotel. Simple and eloquent, every pictogram is understandable by all. The stainless steel plates make it possible to indicate different places of life: reception, cafeteria, toilets ...

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