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Share with our community your best ideas or projects you have done with our stainless steel

idée déco inox

Give the community of maPlaqueinox decorative ideas for tinkering, decorating with stainless steel: a pretty splashback that you fixes, door plates with the first name of your children or even push plates, plate of protection for the stove ... all ideas are good to be shared!

«Send by mail to the photo of your plate and a small testimonial of your experience on our site. If your photo is published, you will receive a promotional code of -10% to buy another nice stainless steel plate! "

Example with a modern splashback by one of our customer

Credence inox dans la cuisine de notre client

Here is an example of the use of a stainless steel plate: our customer has chosen a custom stainless steel splashback, to create a very successful set! It is up to you to play to have such a beautiful wall in your kitchen! In the meantime,

For interested people, discover custom-cut splasbacks  !

Do not hesitate to share photos of your achievements! You can also share them on our Facebook page if you prefer. Prepare your cameras or phones!

Stainless steel plate with a theme

Couronne inox décoration client

You did not know it ? MaPlaqueInox always keeps up with the news! We offer special plates for some events: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas ... And here is a Christmas wreath wished by one of our clients! It's up to you to play for decorating it !

For themed products, do not hesitate to share photos of your achievements, we will be glad to have them! If this is more convenient, you can also share them on our Facebook. It's up to you to make the most beautiful photo now!

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