Stainless steel for professional kitchen

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Stainless steel suitable for kitchens

Today, standards in terms of hygiene evolve and become increasingly stringent in the catering industry. For this, our stainless steel plates are designed with stainless steel 304L. It is a stainless steel compatible food. It is a hygienic metal, solid and easy to maintain. It is resistant to water, grease, smoke and heat. It is therefore perfectly suited for your professional kitchen.

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With a brushed stainless steel worktop, no need to worry about hygiene problems in your kitchen. Your worktop will be easy to maintain on a daily basis with our cleaner. On our website you can design your stainless steel worktop according to your constraints. Designed with a fold, they will adapt perfectly to your kitchen to have a solid structure.

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For a complete protection of your kitchen space near your cooktops, we offer a custom stainless steel credenza. Also known as a stainless steel hood bottom, your stainless steel plate fits perfectly to the size of your kitchen. Your wall will be protected from splashing water, grease, splashing. Behind a baking tray or sink faucet, your brushed stainless steel credenza can be cleaned easily.

Discover all splashback or configure your custom-cut splashback.

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Skirting board

You do not have the option to put a large splashback or you just want to protect the bottom of your wall? Choose our standart stainless steel skirting boards or custom-cut.

With a length of 2 meters maximum, they will allow you to preserve the life of your kitchen. In the same way as our splashback, our stainless steel skirting boards are easy to maintain.

Discover our stainless steel skirting boards.

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To place around your cooktop or sink, use a custom-cut stainless steel frame to fill a hole that is too large or to hide a damaged area.

When you change your cooktop in your worktop, the remaining hole is not necessarily matched to the dimensions of your new cooktop. To avoid changing everything, simply make a stainless steel frame that will adapt the dimensions to your existing plan.

Discover our stainless steel frames.

inox 304 or inox 304L ?

Food-compatible stainless steel is often referred to as 304 stainless steel or 304L stainless steel. In the past, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 304L were 2 materials with different properties. For several years now, steelmakers have been producing stainless steel, which meets both 304 and 304L. It is therefore today the same material and we finally designate indifferently the stainless steel food-compatible 304 stainless steel or 304L stainless steel in common language.

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